About whatisasexuality.com

This site is meant to serve as a bridge between offline and online asexuality visibility efforts.  All too often, I’ve seen great pamphlets and posters about asexuality that simply link back to the front page of a general site about asexuality, or I’ve seen great websites about asexuality with no way to bring the information they have to parades or presentations or conferences.  With this site, I hope to sit in between the two sides.  My aim is to create a comprehensive asexuality education website, and also make its content available to the offline world through printable pamphlets and posters.

Can I Use Your Material At My Parade/Meetup/Presentation/etc.?

Yes!  That’s the point of this site!  You may print out and distribute any of the material you find here.  Many of the items even include a blank space the size of an address label specifically designed for you to be able to include your group’s contact information.  I only ask that you do not sell and do not modify any of the material.

What Is Your Translation Policy?

You may translate any of the material you find here, provided that you retain a link back to the original page, credit this site for the original text, make it clear that it is an unofficial translation, and do not sell the translated material.

However, I would strongly urge you not to translate what you find on this site.  I’ve seen a lot of things translated from another language into English.  In many cases, even in the case of professional translations, there is a certain hollowness and awkwardness to the translated text.  Often, there will be metaphors or idioms or cultural references that just don’t come through right in the translation.  Original writing in a language will almost certainly be better than a translation of what I’ve written.

For More Information

For more information about asexuality, including a free PDF of a book on the topic, visit AsexualityArchive.com

Contact Info

Email:  i n f o @ w h a t i s a s e x u a l i t y . c o m

(Please note that I’m not really all that good at giving advice.  There are numerous other websites and forums focused on providing asexuality-related advice, and they’ll do a better job and reply far faster than I ever could.)