What is this site?

This is a site for people who are interested in asexuality.

This is a site for people who are asexual.

This is a site for people who have never heard of asexuality.

This is a site for you.

On it, you will find information about asexuality and the ace spectrum in multiple formats:  Web pages, printable pamphlets and postcards, even slideshows.  It’s meant to be shared with friends, given to doctors or teachers, and handed out at LGBTQIA+ centers or parades and other events.

Information Areas:

What is Asexuality?

A quick overview of what asexuality is.

Am I Asexual?

Information for people who think they may be asexual and want to learn more.

Information For Family And Friends

Information for friends and family of asexual people.

Information For Educators

Information on asexuality for teachers, counselors, and others in the field of education.

Outreach Materials

Various outreach and visibility items that aren’t tied to a more specific page.